Nutritionist – Food coach

Nutritionist – Food coach – Munich and Tegernsee

You are living in the area of Munich or visit our beautiful city or Tegernsee and look for a professional food coach?

I am a professional food coach and even a dietetic nutritionist so offer :

Dietetic treatmens

as an alternative practitioner plus dietetic nutritionist

– You receive your personal nutrition plans and tips adapted to your individual health issue

Weight reduction – Food coach

As I am a professional food coach you will get your personal nutrition plan to properly loose weight. I can do a check regarding the content of your refrigeratior and kitchen cupboards to see where we can improve the quality of your nutrition shopping. You can book special packages like 20 appointments with a detailed nutrition plan, many tips, recipes etc.

Weight reduction via DNA-Analysis

I am in a cooparation with a DNA Laboratory which tests specific DNA structures to find out if your body has problems to metabolize carbs and fat. There are 2 options I can offer for the DNA Weight Sensor:

2 appointments in my practice in Munich or Tegernsee.

First appointment for a saliva sample – taken from your oral mucosa with a cotton bud

Second appointment for the detailed review of the results of the DNA test. You either get an excel file plus pdf via Email or can order your individual glossy brochure which includes 900+ food listed which will show you if you will loose weight with them or gain weight. In addition you will see if you will have to do more sports to loose weight e.g. endurance training or athletic sports and how many calories you will have to reduce with sports and how many with food.

Appointment via Skype or phone possible as an alternative:

First I will send you the saliva sample test kit and will explain you on a first call what you will have to do with it and we will out the order form

Second appointment we use as obove (Appointment in my practice) to review the details of your DNA analysis.

DNA Nutrition sensor

You sometimes don´t feel very good, your stomach or intestine hurts hours after you have eaten something? You don´t know which food is good for you and which food would irritates your body and health? The DNA Nutrition sensor might help you to find out which nutrition is good and bad for you. It will also define which vitamins you will need and which mineral nutrients.

All will be done via your saliva sample (see the option above regarding DNA Weight sensor)

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